The Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Gold Awards (formerly: Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Conference-STEAM Curriculum Evaluation Activities) is a global STEAM educational event initiated by STEAMEX. As its theme of " Promote prosperity through exchanges and seek development through symbiosis", the event has received the attention and participation of STEAM educators in dozens of countries and regions around the world since it was held.


In 2019, there were more than 400 participants in the Grand Competition, with sources covering 30 provinces and municipalities in mainland China, as well as dozens of countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Bahamas, Kenya, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The total number of submitted works is over 300, which basically cover all fields involved in STEAM education.


In 2020, absorbing from the suggestions from previous contestants and judges, and after careful revision, the Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Gold Awards (formerly: Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Conference-STEAM Curriculum Evaluation Activities) will be launched with a new look.


1. Brand

In 2020, the original "Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Conference-STEAM  Curriculum Evaluation Activities" will be officially renamed as: "Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Gold Awards"


2. Purpose

Truth-seeking, Pragmatic, Rigorous and Fair


3. Event Philosophy

Create, Share, Inspire, Fun


4. Organization Structure

In order to ensure the fairness, impartiality and international standard of the competition, in addition to the organizing committee, the Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Golden Awards has set up the jury, support units and sponsors.


5. Event Geographic

According to the regions of contestants, the division is divided into:

a. Greater China (including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)

b. Asia (India, Japan, South Korea, ten ASEAN countries and the Middle East, etc.)

c. North America (USA, Canada)

d. South America (Brazil, Bahamas, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc.)

e. Europe (Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, etc.)

f.. Oceania (New Zealand, Australia)

g. frica (South Africa, Kenya, etc.)

6. Course Coverage

Contestants can choose the course design direction from the following subdivisions:

a. Age Group Covered

Preschool: 3-6 years old

Elementary School: 7-12 years old

Junior Secondary School: 13–15 years old

High school: 16-18 years old

b. Subjects Covered

Natural Science, including: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Oceanology

Social Science, including: Economics, History, Culture, Art

Noetic Science, including: Mathematics, Engineering, Programming and Artificial Intelligence


7. Judging Criteria

The organizing committee will entrust the jury to formulate the competition judging criteria with the reference to the following content.

a. Contest rules compliance

b. Educational direction conformity (focusing on comprehensive training of morality, intelligence, sports, art, practical operation is a must)

c. Innovativeness

d. Professionalism

e. Enforceability


8. Competition Support

a. Participation warrants

b. Rule interpretation

c. Literature support

d. Reference template

e. Hardware teaching aid

f. Professional explanation and guidance

g. Online and offline communication

9. Awards Category

The competition consists of comprehensive awards and individual awards.

Comprehensive awards include: Participation Award, 3rd Place Award, 2nd Place Award, 1st Place Award (1st Place Award is divided into Platinum Award, Gold Award and Silver Award)

Individual awards include: Teamwork Award, Preschool Group Award, Primary School Group Award, Junior High Group Award and High School  Group Award

10. Post-competition Opportunity

a. Copywriting and video materials included in the annual STEAM education outstanding case collection

b. Get quality resource support

c. Employment opportunity by a top STEAM education company or institution

d. Invited as a guest lecturer of STEAMEX

e. Invited to participate in high-level STEAM education international exchanges

STEAMEX is willing to work with global education elites to promote the prosperity and development of STEAM education. The Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Gold Awards looks forward to your participation!

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