Under the guidance of Shanghai Society of Education, Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation, Shanghai Education Centre of Science & Art; supported by Shanghai Science & Education Promotion Center, Shanghai Science Education Display Tech Center, Shanghai Science Association for Young Talents, Shanghai STEM+ Research Institute, China Youth Maker Education Alliance; jointly implemented by Shanghai Science & Technology Promotion Volunteer Association, Shanghai Heng Zan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., STEAMEX is a Third-party international and professional platform to serve the STEAM education industry.

The STEAMEX brand is composed of two parts. STEAM is a combination of the first letters of five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and EX implies Expo, Excellency, Expertise, Example intended.

Adhering to the neutral, fair, rigorous, and pragmatic service tenet, connecting outstanding STEAM education resources at home and abroad, and working with colleagues in the industry to promote the prosperity and development of global STEAM education is the unremitting pursuit of STEAMEX.

Using O2O (online to offline) service mode, there are currently 7 products under STEAMEX, which are:

Shanghai International STEAM Education Expo

Shanghai International STEAM Innovative Science Education Carnival

Shanghai International STEAM Curriculum Developer Gold Awards

International STEAM Education Industry Developer Forum

International STEAM Educational Institution Operation Conference

STEAMEX Edu Education Comprehensive Channel


Shanghai International STEAM Education Expo 2020 seizes the market opportunity, integrating the industry resources and boosting the industry development. We await your participation!

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