STEAM Education Industry Developer Conference & Forum
Form Date Time Place Topic Speaker Title
Speech 12.12 10:30-11:00 Room 1 STEM/STEAM FORMULA FOR SUCCESS Ken Seiter Executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association
Speech 12.12 11:00-11:30 Room 1 STEAM Education - The two Sides of the Coin Jianjun Wang Makeblock Founder
Speech 12.12 11:30-12:00 Room 1 The Future of Talent Wei zhao General Manager, Sony China Education Division
Speech 12.12 13:00-13:30 Room 1 Pepper: Full STEAM Ahead Stanley Tam General Manager of SoftBank Robotics China
Speech 12.12 13:30-14:00 Room 1 Get Creative, Get Connected, Get Coding with micro:bit Hal Speed Micro:bit Foundation/CS4TX Founder/ Facilitator
Speech 12.12 14:00-14:30 Room 1 AI and future education Chēn ye DFRobot CEO
Speech 12.12 14:30-15:00 Room 1 A Practical Exploration of STEM Education - Content as the Stem, Service as the Core Li Lu Pearson Greater China Senior Product Strategy Manager
Coffee Break 12.12 15:00-15:15 Room 1 / / /
Speech 12.12 15:15-15:45 Room 1 To be confirmed To be confirmed To be confirmed
Panel Discussion 12.12 15:45-16:45 Room 1 / / /
Speech 12.13 10:00-10:30 Room 1 Upgrading marketing in Education Industry Bing Tan Associate Dean of Weimob Marketing School, Tencent Advertising Certified Instructor
Speech 12.13 10:30-11:00 Room 1 Creativity and Impact in a Humanity-Centered Computer Science Education Elizabeth Becon The world's most influential STEAM organization CS Discoveries course development mentor
Speech 12.13 11:00-11:30 Room 1 STEM Education in China - The Current and Future Yizhong zhang Doctor of Computer Theory Institute, East China Normal University
Speech 12.13 11:30-12:00 Room 1 How new technologies under the capital market drive science education Yifei Li Vice President, Capital Investment, North Tower
Speech 12.13 13:00-13:30 Room 1 To be confirmed Peter Vesterbacka Founder of Slush, Angery Bird
Speech 12.13 13:30-14:00 Room 1 Building a Digital Generation by Getting Teachers Excited about ICT and Digital Technologies Joachim Cohen Schools Technology Innovation Lead, NSW Department of Education, Australia
Speech 12.13 14:00-14:30 Room 1 From Collaboration to Careers – Connecting Industry and Schools To Build A Better Workforce For the Future of Work Aaron Smith US STEM Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Human Resources Development Solutions Consultant
Speech 12.13 14:30-15:00 Room 1 PBL (Project Based Learning) to teach Coding, Robotics and AI Stanley Buchesky US Ed tech Innovation Investment Fund Partnership Investor
Coffee Break 12.13 15:00-15:15 Room 1 / / /
Panel Discussion 12.13 15:15-16:15 Room 1 / / /
Speech 12.12 10:30-11:00 Room 2 The Future of Co-creation and Crowdsourcing Nick Van Breda TEDx speaker, Netherlands; 2016 Dutch hackathon ambassador
Speech 12.12 11:00-11:30 Room 2 The New World of 5G - How Augmented Reality Can Be Applied to STEAM Education Wen Shen Lenovo icon founder
Speech 12.12 11:30-12:00 Room 2 The future of STEAM education Flint Christensen Piedmont High School Teacher CODE.ORG programming project trainer Academic Instructor, University of California, Berkeley
Speech 12.12 13:00-13:30 Room 2 How an EdTech product Makes or Breaks Education? (how EdTech products create positive and negative impacts on Education and suggestions to create a meaningful and sustainable EdTech product.) Ling Lam National Teacher Training Program Instructor, FIRST Training Instructor, WASC American School Alliance STEM Senior Academic Advisor
Speech 12.12 13:30-14:00 Room 2 Experience sharing of cross-disciplinary education promotion in Taiwan/Planning and implementation of STEAM certification in Taiwan Hengcheng Su Chairman of China Open Self-made Association
Speech 12.12 14:00-14:30 Room 2 SMART Business & SMART Education: If you're not thinking global,you're thinking too small! Fred Stawitz Creating Safe, Productive, and Sustainably Profitable Operations ■ International Speaker & Award-Winning Author
Speech 12.12 14:30-15:00 Room 2 Family STEM online learning practice Shenzhen Lu Mr. Sai Founder
Coffee Break 12.12 15:00-15:15 Room 2 / / /
Speech 12.12 15:15-15:45 Room 2 Authentic real world learning experiences using technology Michelle Jensen Head of Library and STEAM Teacher, Dulwich College in Shanghai
Speech 12.12 15:45-16:45 Room 2 AI in Education by DJI Ben Wang DJI Innovation Education Business Director
Speech 12.13 10:00-10:30 Room 2 Dive to the deep: How Rainbowfish-Hadal X offers the cutting-edge hadal science and technology to the youth Chi Chen Director and Science& Technology Mentor for RAINBOWFISH-HADAL X
Speech 12.13 10:30-11:00 Room 2 Innovation Inspired by Nature: The Greatest Gift to STEM Education Sam Stier Founding Director and Teacher Trainer of the Natural Learning Center, a famous teaching designer Ecologist and conservation biologist,
Speech 12.13 11:00-11:30 Room 2 Maker education in Habitat Garden shuopu shen NatureHacker Founder
Speech 12.13 11:30-12:00 Room 2 Design Thinking in the Science Lab: Building Competence of students along the way from Experiment to Product and Service André Bresges Univ.-Prof. Dr. André Bresges Institut für Physikdidakti
Speech 12.13 13:00-13:30 Room 2 How Video games & STEAM education Fit together? & How can Gamification can help STEAM education to evolve? Sushil Lamba Certified Autodesk Trainer,Lead STEAM instructor
Speech 12.13 13:30-14:00 Room 2 How to build a great teacher team for children's programming Yang Wang Xiaomao Wang Dean
Speech 12.13 14:00-14:30 Room 2 Innovation in STEAM Bringing STEAM to the next level Eduardo Alarcon Gallo TokyLabs Founder
Speech 12.13 14:30-15:00 Room 2 Secrets of building creative confidence Erik Torstensson Strawbees Founder
Coffee Break 12.13 15:00-15:15 Room 2 / / /
Speech 12.13 15:15-15:45 Room 2 To be confirmed Gioya Anita Desouza-Fennelly Tutor, Columbia University Education Teachers College
Panel discussion 12.13 15:45-16:45 Room 2 / / /